Educational SESSIONS


Young Contractors Council Video Series LIVE (Open to All Registered Attendees)
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Omaha Convention Center – Room 205

Over the last year, the YCC Video series has been a platform for young and old to come together in a live video conference call to discuss issues in the roofing industry. A LIVE version of this video series can be found at the MRCA Conference.

The direct correlation to young professionals and service departments is evident in almost every company. This is due to the technical aspect of managing a service department with many different types of software. Given the assignment to modernize from paper to digital work orders, streamline operations from initial call to invoicing, provide faster and more cosmetic proposals, track and manage operations with GPS, create customer transparency with client portals and many more reasons are why you should trust your service department’s development to a tech savvy young professional. We want to discuss the speed bumps we’ve encountered and the ways we have found success.   

How long did it take to reach our service department improvement goals?  What road blocks did we run into?  What worked best?  How did our service crews respond?  How did we motivate others to see the change as positive and cost conscious?

Sponsored by: BEACON

Software Driving You Nuts? Hosted by the MRCA Women in Roofing (Open to All Registered Attendees)
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Omaha Convention Center – Room 205

This MRCA WinR Sponsored session will include a panel of Representatives from popular Roofing Industry software firms and fellow Roofing Contractors. Get your questions answered about capabilities, compatibilities, and learn more about the tools available that are made to simplify the life of a Roofing Contractor.  Discussion will also include venting of software frustrations and ideas for handling software-related issues.  The struggle is real, so be sure to take advantage of this session’s value and accessibility.

Sponsored by: Brier, Payne, Meade Insurance and Sprague


Politics as Unusual!! An Overview of the Legislative and Regulatory Issues Vexing the Roofing Industry
8:30 am – 9:30 am
Omaha Convention Center – Junior Ballroom
Speakers: Reid Ribble and Duane Musser of NRCA

Many important issues are facing the roofing industry: Workforce Development; Immigration Policy; Regulatory Reform; and more, but trying to understand what’s REALLY going on in our nation’s capital right now is quite a challenge!  MRCA was a sponsor of and participated in Roofing Day in DC this spring where many members were inspired by their personal advocacy experience on Capitol Hill.  To support this new wave of activism and to encourage participation in the 2019 Roofing Day in DC, we are pleased to host NRCA’s CEO and former US Congressman, Reid Ribble, along with NRCA’s Vice President of Government Relations, Duane Musser for an insider’s look at current federal activities impacting your business and how NRCA is changing the dialogue about the roofing industry in Congress.

Sponsored by: NRCA

Welding Thermoplastic Membranes
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Omaha Convention Center – On the Expo Floor in the GAF Sponsored Classroom (The Fishbowl)
Speaker: Helene Hardy Pierce of GAF

Today, TPO roofing systems represent the largest single segment of the low slope roofing market and manufacturers are continuing to invest in manufacturing capacity and product development.  There have also been significant advancements in how these systems can be installed, which provides roofing contractors with many options not available even just a few years ago.  This session will focus on the products themselves, installation options that provide flexibility and enlarge the roofing season, and installation pit-falls to avoid.

  • Gain an understanding of key performance attributes of TPO membranes
  • Learn about the various installation methods that can be used to install these membranes
  • Learn the key principles critical to proper welding and how to determine when achieved

Sponsored by: GAF

How to Start (or Grow) a True Service Department
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Omaha Convention Center – On the Expo Floor in the GAF Sponsored Classroom (The Fishbowl)
Speaker: Greg Hayne of Roof Management

Even when the intent is there, most roofers do not make the progress they could when trying to grow their service departments because their approach is fundamentally flawed.  This presentation will focus on highlighting the true challenges a company faces, not those they think they face, in starting or growing a true service department.

Succession Planning Options - Selling Your Roofing Company to Your Family, Managers or Employees Without Being Clobbered by Taxes: Different Paths, Values and Taxes
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Omaha Convention Center – On the Expo Floor in the GAF Sponsored Classroom (The Fishbowl)
Speaker: Kevin Kennedy & Joe Bazzano with BEACON Exit Planning

Kevin Kennedy will take attendees through his journey of buying and selling a 200-employee roofing business and combine it with his training and certification in exit planning. After the exit, Kevin discovered that the company, the buyers and the sellers overspent millions in unnecessary taxes. Joe Bazzano, a CPA, Certified Valuation Analyst, tax specialist and Certified Business Exit Consultant, will communicate the risk and the technical side dealing with the exit process including monetizing exit strategies, taxes, value building opportunities and risk management.

This session pulls the moving parts together in a manner that will help the owner understand the exit planning process in simple, non-technical terms and demonstrate tools and strategies used by the affluent to reduce their financial risk during the exit.


Update on Roofing Industry Technical Issues
8:00 am – 9:00 am
Omaha Convention Center – Junior Ballroom
Speaker: Mark Graham, Vice President of Technical Services for NRCA

Mark. S. Graham will provide an overview of current roofing industry technical issues.  Issues to be discussed include moisture-related problems associated with concrete roof decks, FM Global’s new VSH (very severe hail) classification and requirements, ASCE 7-16 and its impact in wind design, and terminology concerns with adhered roof systems.

Sponsored by: NRCA

10 Employment Pitfalls for Roofing Contractors
9:30 am – 10:30 am
Omaha Convention Center – Junior Ballroom
Speaker: Philip Siegel of Hendrick, Philips, Salzman & Siegel

This presentation will address the top employment law mistakes made by roofing contractors.  Attendees will learn steps they can take to minimize potential liability for employment law matters.  Attendees will learn how best to ensure a former employee is prohibited from bringing claims against the company, and how to avoid other common traps in the employment law arena.  Issues to be addressed include, but are not limited to, proper classification of independent contractors, severance pay, documenting disciplinary actions, the importance of written job descriptions, the importance of a discrimination and harassment policy, the unforeseeable employee misconduct defense to an OSHA citation, and common wage and hour mistakes such as those made regarding travel pay.

Developing Sales Proposals & Closing Skills
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Omaha Convention Center – Junior Ballroom
Speaker: Mark Hinterlong of Malarkey Roofing Products

 “When I’m consulting and training roofing contractors about the sales process, I will often ask, ‘how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors’ or ‘…what do you sell on?’ Most contractors I speak to say, ‘I sell on our quality…’, ‘quality of installation’, ‘quality of service’, ‘quality of project management’… But… if every contractor sells on quality… What is the biggest mistake a customer can make? Paying too much!

Learn ways to differentiate yourself in your market, develop your sales proposals, and refine your closing skills. Whether you are a commercial contractor, residential contractor or a contractor that performs insurance work, learn ways to increase your value and close more sales.

Options Create Sales
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Omaha Convention Center – On the Expo Floor in the GAF Sponsored Classroom (The Fishbowl)
Speaker: Rob Ballard of GAF

Choices = More Sales = More $$$

How often do we as Sales people think we know what our customer wants?  How often do we sell our customers only what we know?  Come learn how giving your customer CHOICES will make you more of an expert, in your customer’s eyes, and you will have a better advantage on closing the deal.

Sponsored by: GAF

Insurance Best Practices
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Omaha Convention Center – On the Expo Floor in the GAF Sponsored Classroom (The Fishbowl)
Speaker: Jeff Pikel of The DeHayes Group and a Representative with CNA Insurance

There is much talk in every industry about Best Practices. So what are Best Practices? The next question is, who defines Best Practices? Some best practices are defined by your insurance carriers. Normally insurance carriers specify in your contract when and how you bind coverage with them. Other best practices, such as your renewal process, may be defined by the marketplace. Come learn what you, the contractor, should be looking for in an Insurance Carrier.