Hispanic Hiring Kit

Sustainable business growth is impossible without long-term labor stability.
Workforce development in the roofing industry is a constant challenge.

You can count on the Hispanic Hiring Kit to help:
In partnership with Bilingual America, the industry’s foremost subject matter expert, MRCA is pleased to offer the recruiting, hiring, and development tools you’ve been looking for. They are all in one place and totally customized in just days with your logo to fit seamlessly into your existing business materials!

Your Completely Customized Hispanic Hiring Kit includes:

Recruiting Tools

• Letters to community leaders and ministers (Spanish and English)
• Postcards for mailing (two art versions in Spanish)
• Posters promoting work opportunity (two art versions in Spanish)
• Poster in English to recruit English dominant Hispanics (Spanish)
• Newspaper and magazine ads (3 sizes, Color and BW, English and Spanish.)
• Poster to encourage employees to recruit others
• Social Media training session with Ricardo González online (up to five people)

Hiring Tools (All hiring tools are in both Spanish and English.)

• Applications
• Interview Questions
• Assessment for Entry Level Employees
• Assessment for Potential Leaders
• Letter of Welcome
• Letter of Reprimand
• Guide to Work Visas for Foreign Nationals
• Guide to Legal and Illegal Interview Questions
• Opportunity Axis Power Point Slides and Teaching

Onboard Process (Completely in Spanish and the HHK includes access for 5 people.)

• Cómo Tener Éxito™ course.
• 20 day continuity program to internalize teaching of course.
• Teaches how to succeed personally and in your company.

If you’re employing Hispanics, or want to, the Hispanic Hiring Kit is a must-have suite of culturally relevant and professional grade tools. It provides you with everything you need, and more, to attract AND retain Hispanic employees. Go to: www.bilingualamerica.com/mrca for your fully customized kit today!